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The sun is shinning, its to cold, I feel tiered, I want to watch that program on TV I’m to busy.

These are some of the excuses that creep in your mind for not going training, If your even having these thoughts your motivation is slipping.

Think back to why you started : was it to maintain your fitness, learn a new skill, meet people and socialize, commit to gaining a coveted Black Belt . These goals are still there but your focus on achieving them is weakening, Because it hard to see how far you have come and the repetition of training seems to go on and on..

Some of the things you can do to get that motivation back:

1. Write down your goals for the next lesson, The next month, The next Year etc.

2. Watch Video, Films of people performing extraordinary techniques and skills.

3. Pack your kit bag the morning of your classes, so you ready to go after school/Work etc.

4. Strike up outside contact with fellow students so you can talk and share your passion of TAEKWONDO.

Most people now train once or twice a week if you think about that for a moment,

If you train one lesson per week most lessons are an hour long, if you train every week of that year that’s a total of 52 Hrs a year, break that down and that’s only 2 Days and 4 Hrs a year, Double it if you train twice a week.


The best thing with TAEKWONDO is that you can practice your skills on your own anywhere, you should find time each day to practice weather it be a technique, going through patterns ,running through kicking and punch drills on a punch bag or even just studying books and watching video clips.

People always say I haven't got the time, remember if you train once a week what are you doing with the other 8,708 Hrs a year?

Remember most things in life that come easy are not usually worth having. If it requires hard work, life is much sweeter when you achieve your goals.





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