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Are You Grading Ready?

if you are grading soon failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

when training make every technique as powerful as you can and try to perfect your actions, that way when performing at a grading it feels natural. All techniques are performed within the frame of you own body for example a middle section technique should be within the range of your neck line and your belt, high section from shoulders to top of head,and low section below the belt. You eye focus should always be in the direction of the technique performed.

People always worry about Korean theory the challenge here is people are always leaving it to last minute, why not try and learn a new word every day and at the end of the week see how many you remember, the ones you have forgotten move them to next weeks list and start again at the end of the month do yourself a mini quiz to see what you have remembered and repeat next month and so on.

If you find you are forgetting moves in patterns it’s is your way of saying your not yet ready to grade, remember it’s not a race to get to black belt. I’m often asked how long does it take the average person to get to black belt? I always reply average people don’t make it to black belt!

if your ever not sure of any techniques application always ask, all black belts are there to help.

Good luck.....

Remember repetition is the best way to perfect technique. So keep practicing.

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